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Special Chain

We many carry different speciality chains like Hollow Pin chain and different sizes of Agricultural chain. Side Bow chain is another chain that fits in to this category.

Hollow Pin Chain

This chain has hollow pins and the through hole of each pin can be used to accommodate various rods and attachments. Hollow Pin chain is available in steel, nickel plated & stainless steel chain.

A.S.A. American


Conveyor Series
Standard Roller


Conveyor Series
Large Roller

40HP 1/2"   C2040HP 1"   C2042HP 1"
50HP 5/8"   C2050HP 1 1/4"   C2052HP 1 1/4"
60HP 3/4"   C2060HP 1 1/2"   C2062HP 1 1/2"
80HP 1"   C2080HP 2"   C2082HP 2"


Brand:- Daido & EK

Agricultural Chain

A light steel roller chain with the same gearing dimensions as the equivalent malleable or pintle chains offering a smoother operation.
CA550 A heavy duty steel roller chain with greater wear resistance and higher tensile strength than equivalent pressed steel, malleable or pintle chains.


S32 1.15"
S52 1 1/2"
S55 1 5/8"
S62 1.65"
CA550 1 5/8"


Brand:- TRP

Side Bow Chain

The increased internal clearances within this chain allow it to side flex making it ideal for curved conveyors. Sidebow chain uses standard roller links and special pin links and runs on standard AS sprockets.


40SB 1/2"
50SB 5/8"
60SB 3/4"


Brand:- Daido & EK