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Steel Couplings

The steel couplings include Gear couplings, Grid couplings and Disc couplings as well as a range of Chain couplings. Supplies of these coupling are supplied include Lovejoy, Woo Chang & Utkarsh.

The Gear coupling offers the High torque carrying capacity of a steel coupling. it uses gear teeth to transmit the torque from one shaft to the next.

The Grid coupling offers the High torque carrying capacity of a steel coupling but uses a steel grid that weaves back and forth between the two hubs to offer a greater amount of misalignment and vibration dampening properties.

We offer Steel disc couplings from three different suppliers Utkarsh, Lovejoy and Miki Pulley. Steel disc couplings offer high Speed and temperatures but require no lubrication like other steel couplings. They are available in a standard coupling design as well as a spacer design.

A very basic coupling design that is capable of withstanding a lot of misalignment while still transmitting a large amount of torque. While this is a very old style of coupling they are still in used in many applications today.

This type of couplings uses 3 different size springs fitted inside each other to allow for high misalignment. The spring coupling can have many different hubs or flanges fitted to the ends and are available in a verity of different lengths.

The Delta Flex coupling is truly a one of a kind type of coupling. It is capable of high temperatures and high misalignment but requires no lubrication.