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Leaf Chain

Leaf Chain is primarily a lifting chain and cannot be used for Power Transmission applications. Its most common application is on Forklifts but many other lifting operation use leaf chain to help lift products or machine parts from one level to another.

Leaf Chain

Leaf chain consists solely of pins and link plates assembled together. Hence it has improved tensile strength compared with roller chain and better suited for suspension and tension. D.I.D. leaf chains are in accordance with ANSI standard and are available in two alternatives of AL type and BL type.

AL Used primarily for light duty and slow speed applications, where little importance is attached to wear resistance.

BL Used for repetitive high impact loading applications, where more importance is attached to wear resistance.

AL Series


BL Series

AL4xx 1/2"   BL4xx 1/2"
AL5xx 5/8"   BL5xx 5/8"
AL6xx 3/4"   BL6xx 3/4"
AL8xx 1"   BL8xx 1"
AL10xx 1 1/4"   BL10xx 1 1/4"
AL12xx 1 1/2"   BL12xx 1 1/2"
AL14xx 1 3/4"   BL14xx 1 3/4"
AL16xx 2"   BL16xx 2"
xx = lacing


Brand:- Daido & EK