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Tolomatic pneumatic linear actuators include space-saving rodless pneumatic linear actuator designs in band-type, cable and magnetically coupled air cylinder styles. Rod-style Power-Blockā„¢ pneumatic linear actuators or thrusters are perfect for short stroke applications.


The BC2 pneumatic band cylinder, Tolomatic's first band-type cylinder design, continues to be a solid performer for a wide variety of pneumatic applications. BC2 pneumatic band cylinders provide multiple mounting options for both vertical and horizontal applications and offer low to moderate load carrying capacities.

  • Rubber dust band sealing design does not attract metal particulates making the BC2 a good choice for welding powder metal pressing or metal grinding applications
  • Adjustable cushions for smooth deceleration
  • Adjustable load carrying bracket provides true tracking and load support
  • Maximum flexibility and versatile horizontal and vertical mounting


Brand:- Tol-o-matic


The BC3 heavy duty pneumatic actuator is specifically designed for large load carrying capacities. BC3 heavy duty pneumatic actuators employ a recirculating ball bearing system capable of handling large off-center loads with consistently smooth motion.

  • Low breakaway pressure
  • High moment load capacities
  • Cost-effective alternative to auxiliary rail systems


Brand:- Tol-o-matic

Cable Cyclinder

The Tolomatic double acting pneumatic air cylinder offers the widest variety of sizes and options Double acting pneumatic air cylinders offer a cost savings over rod cylinders when strokes exceed four feet and provide a versatile space-saving design.

  • Strokes up to 60 feet (1524 mm)
  • 9 different bore sizes from 1/2 to 5 inches (13 to 127 mm) Optional auto tensioners keeps cable rigid and extends cable and gland seal life
  • 3-ported heads for convenient connection
  • Aluminum tube standard; steel option available for strength
  • Caliper disc brake option for additional holding force in vertical applications


Brand:- Tol-o-matic