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Timing Coupling

Phasing Hub

The Phasing Hub is a static phase adjusting coupling designed for precise angular displacements. When in motion, the Phasing Hub operates as a rigid 1:1 shaft coupling. Phase change of the coupling and connected shafts is accomplished with the drive stopped. By manually turning the Adjusting Ring, the Phasing hub becomes a phase changing device providing infinitely variable and stepless phase correction in either direction. 1 rotation of the adjusting ring results in 3.6° of adjustment.


Brand:- Candy Controls

Timing Hub

The Candy Timing Hub is the low-cost positioner used to positively lock gears, sprockets, cams and levers to shafts while still providing full adjustable timing control. This precision timing hub allows the use of low-cost plate sprockets and hubless gears, and eliminates the cost of machining special slots or clamps often used for timing adjustment. These savings and the low-cost of the hub, clearly show that the Candy Timing Hub is the most economical way to provide positive and accurate positioning control.


Brand:- Candy Controls