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Base Elements

VIB are mechanical components that exploit the elastic deformation of four natural rubber cylinders that are inserted between two hollow sections positioned 45° one to the other. The maximum rotational angle is ±30° from the neutral position. These base elements utilise the basic VIB principle, with options available in terms of outer profile, inner profile and fixing method. They can be used as springs, shock absorbers, decelerators, oscillating supports or anti-vibrating supports. Industries using these units include wood, agriculture, food, and cleaning/recycling, etc. But with the variations of profile and fixing method, the applications are endless.

AC-T/AR-T Base Unit

Based on the rubber technology that is share across the tensioner range from Tecnidea, the possible applications for these VIB elements are limitless. They are the foundation of the VIB mounts.


Brand:- Tecnidea Cidue