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Delta Chain Carbon Timing Belts

This belt has been designed to meet the highest design requirements required in timing belt drive. It has been many years in the design to make sure that it is one of the toughest belts on the market today. It is also a drop in replacement for the Poly chain belt from Gates

Delta Chain Carbon

The Optibelt Delta Chain carbon sets new standards in the market for high performance timing belts. Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon high performance timing belts provide slip-free synchronous power transmission of up to several hundred kilowatts. Up to 100 % higher power transmission is possible compared to high performance rubber timing belts such as Optibelt Omega HP. The belt is ideal for drives with very high torques. In general, the overall width can be considerably reduced for power drives with small and medium centre distances.

Pitch      Widths 
8mm      12mm, 21mm, 36mm & 62mm
14mm    Comming soon


Brand:- Optibelt