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Slide Blocks

We keep a wide range of Slide Blocks in a range of sizes to suit British Standard chains. These are ideal for slow speed applications.

Standard Slide Blocks

The Polyethylene Slide Block is available for use with British Standard simple, duplex and triplex chains. The assembly is supplied with a bolt set to suit. It is normally used in slower speed applications and has an operating speed range up to 20m/min and a maximum working temperature of +70°C.



Brand:- Tecnidea


Oval Slide Blocks

The OVR & XOV Slide Blocks are available for use with British Standard simple chain. They are oval in shape allowing you to use both sides of the slide block, giving double the life of a standard unit. Both are made in machined polyethylene HD100 and the XOV comes complete with stainless steel nuts and bolts. British Standard duplex and triplex chains can be accommodated by simply bolting 2 or 3 slide blocks together.



Brand:- Tecnidea