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The Bellows coupling is a great light weight low inertia zero backlash coupling ideal for applications where spot-on positioning is required. We stock the Ruland range of Bellows couplings.

Bellows Coupling

Belflex bellows couplings are an assembly of two aluminum hubs and a uniform, thin walled stainless steel bellows. The use of aluminum hubs with a bellows results in a coupling with very low inertia, a feature that is very important in today’s highly responsive systems. The characteristics of bellows make them an ideal method for transmitting torque in motion control applications. The bellows allow the coupling to bend easily under loads caused by the three basic types of misalignment between shafts (angular, parallel, axial motion). Among servo couplings, bellows type couplings are one of the stiffest available, making them ideal in high performance applications that require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.


Brand:- Ruland