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Poly-V Pulleys

Poly-V Pulleys also known as Micro-V pulleys are available in L & J section in a large range of diameters and number of grooves. These pulleys are kept on the shelf ready for same day dispatch.

Poly-V Pulleys

Poly-V Pulley and Belt drives are ideal where you have space restrictions, high ratio or high torque drives. With only one belt, tensioning is easy and you do not have to worry about matching belts. They will also run quieter than timing pulley and chain drives and do not slip like standard V-Pulleys.

'J' Section Pulleys
20mm to 400mm diameter
4 Groove to 16 Groove

'L' Secton Pulleys
75mm to 400mm diameter
6 Groove to 20 Groove


Brand:- SIT

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