Rubber couplings are the most common coupling in industry today. We carry a large range of rubber couplings from many different companies from around the world like Lovejoy, SIT, Centa, Ruland, Utkur & Tschan.

The steel couplings include Gear couplings, Grid couplings and Disc couplings as well as a range of Chain couplings. Supplies of these coupling are supplied include Lovejoy, Woo Chang & Utkur.

Zero Backlash couplings are the back bone of any machine where highly accurate positioning is key. They are used on Stepper motors, encoders and other places where no backlash can be tolerated in the drive. Supplies of these coupling are supplied include SIT, Ruland, Utkur, Zero-max & Bamatec.

Most couplings are designed to allow for misalignment and to offer some dampening property. But sometimes you need to join two shafts together and you want a totally rigid connection. We can offer you a range of couplings that will do this job for shafts as low as 6mm and up to 300mm or larger on request.

Most couplings only offer small amounts of misalignment but these couplings can offer much large amounts of misalignment. Up to 200mm of parallel misalignment in the larger designs.

This type of coupling is a highly specialized coupling that will allow you to get your drive lined up perfectly in respect to the timing of the drive. So if you have a knife that must cut at a certain point in the operation or a cam that must be activated at exactly the right time, then this is the coupling you need.

Overload couplings preform a critical role in saving the rest of the drive components when an unexpected overload occurs. Some overload couplings will slip or drop our when the overload happens and then start driving again once the overload has been removed. While others will sacrifice the element at the time of overload, once the element has been replaced the machine will be operational once again.