Fluid Couplings

Shaft mounted fluid couplings are one of the most common fluid couplings in Australia. We carry a large range of these products on the shelf ready to be finished to your drive requirements.

Radially removable fluid couplings are easy to remove for maintenance without having to move the driver or driven components. There are several different designs available to suit your requirements.

Steel bodied couplings for underground mining applications. Available in radially displaceable and shaft mounted designs.

Shaft mounted fluid couplings with a V-Pulley attached is another common way to install a fluid coupling on to a drive. We have two different designs available to suit your drive requirements. Some are even kept in stock for a fast delivery time.

Having the ability to adjust your speed while still being able to take advantage of the soft start function of a fluid coupling. We can offer 3 different designs to suit your different drive requirements.