Vulkan Drive Tech Couplings

Model FNCT 655

Naismith Engineering are pleased to announce their appointment as a Distributor of Vulkan flexible couplings.

VULKAN Couplings is a product of VULKAN Drive Tech, and a division of the globally recognized VULKAN Group which is over 125 years old. They develop & produce a range of PT products for variety of applications.

Flexible couplings, rigid couplings, industrial clutches and brakes, shaft systems, backstops and resilient mounts are all available now that we are a distributor for Vulkan. Naismith currently stock and sell their Flexible Couplings FLEXOMAX G which are interchangeable to Tschan Nor-Mex. Their FLEXOMAX GSN interchange with Tschan-S.

VULKAN Drive Tech is also oriented to custom drive solutions, for applications such as: agricultural equipment, test bench technology, industrial machines in general as well as railways and transportation technology. R&D activities include looking into new materials, new products design, products development, in-house testing and always looking for continuous improvement within Drive Tech.

Current stock of Tschan couplings will be replaced by Vulkan couplings as our stock runs out.

Fully interchangeable with
Tschan Nor-Mex
Fully interchangeable with

For dimensional and technical information on Vulkan products click here.

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