The best way to get a long service life out of your V-Belts and Timing Belts is to make sure they are tensioned correctly. But how do you know if your belt is tensioned correctly? Are you using the “Rule of Thumb”, where you push against the belt with your thumb, if the belt “Feels” like it moves too much then it needs more tension, if it “Feels” pretty tight then it is probably alright? There is a much more accurate way and it does not rely on having the right feel.

Introducing the Optibelt-TT Belt Frequency Tensioner. It can measure a wide range of belts including standard V-belts, Kraftband belts, Micro-V belts and Timing belts. Simply line up the 2 red LED lights on the centre of the belt you wish to check and flick the belt with your thumb. The Optibelt-TT will measure the frequency at which the belt vibrates and show the reading in Hz on the screen. All you have do then, is compare the reading from the Optibelt-TT with the Optibelt CAP-6 calculation program to see if your belt is tensioned correctly. It does not matter how hard you flick the belt you will always get the correct reading. The Optibelt-TT is not affected by sounding noise or light levels so it can be used in many different applications. For difficult to reach belts you can bend the flexible neck in to the right shape so that the reading head is pointing correctly at the belt.


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