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Donut Couplings

The donut coupling is a very common type of coupling with many different designs available. We stock a large range of Donut couplings off the shelf ready for sale.

S-Flex - Lovejoy

The simple design of the S-Flex coupling ensures ease of assembly and reliable performance. No special tools are needed for installation or removal. The S-Flex coupling can be used in a wide variety of applications. The S-Flex coupling is comprised of three parts:- two flanges with internal teeth engage an elastomeric flexible sleeve with external teeth. It is available in pilot bore, taper bore and also as a spacer coupling.

Other features and benefits include:
No metal to metal contact.
Resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture and grease.
Dampens vibrations and controls shock.
Torsionally soft.
Brand:- Lovejoy

Centaflex A

The ‘A‘ series coupling consists of two steel hubs and a pre-stressed polygon shaped rubber element with metal parts vulcanised. The high quality element, which is extremely flexible in any direction, can be used for almost any purpose. This coupling is available in many styles.
Other features and benefits include:

  • Simple, compact, smooth face design.
  • High performance, high speed range.
  • Good shock & vibration absorbing.
  • Requires no maintenance.
  • No axial reaction forces.


Brand:- Centa

Saga - Lovejoy

Saga is a general purpose torsionally soft coupling with high tolerance to all forms of misalignment. The rubber between each apex is precompressed, so it is much more durable to the stresses arising from the various forms of misalignment and torsional vibrations.

Other features and benefits include:
No end thrust in misalignment position.
Absorbs misalignment and shock.
No axial reaction force.
Brand:- Lovejoy

Juboflex - Sit

The Juboflex coupling consists of two steel hubs and a precompressed natural rubber element. The four smaller sizes come to suit taper bushes and the other four are pilot bore. The coupling has excellent dampening properties and can take high misalignment.


Brand:- SIT


The Tyre coupling is primarily designed to allow for misalignment both angular and parallel and compensates for end float. Torsional vibration is reduced and shock loads minimized by the flexing body. The coupling has been successfully subjected, under normal circumstances, to angular misalignment up to 4º, parallel misalignment up to 3mm and end float up to 8mm. The design of the coupling, having a flexing member with remarkable durability, suppresses the initial shock load and eliminates to a marked degree the stresses common to power driven machinery. Tyres are available in natural rubber and F.R.A.S.


Brand:- Utkur

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Centaflex H

The ‘H‘ series coupling is a torsionally stiff design that is the perfect solution to problems associated with Diesel-Hydraulic couplings. The hub and flange is the same as the 'A' series Centaflex coupling.
Other features and benefits include:

  • High speed.
  • Extremely high thermal stability -50oC to +150oC.
  • Oil resistant.


Brand:- Centa

Mini Soft - Lovejoy

The Mini Soft miniature coupling from Lovejoy provides protection from misalignment, vibration and shock loads. The simple design of the coupling ensures ease of assembly, installation and reliable performance. No special tools are needed for installation or removal. No lubrication is needed and once installed and aligned correctly, no maintenance is required.

Other features and benefits include:
Multiple tooth contact, low load per tooth.
Good axial freedom.
Good dampening capacity.
Good torsional stiffness.
High speed capability.
Brand:- Lovejoy