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This type of couplings uses 3 different size springs fitted inside each other to allow for high misalignment. The spring coupling can have many different hubs or flanges fitted to the ends and are available in a verity of different lengths.


The principal feature of the Baumann Flex coupling is the multi-layer and multi-coil spring assembly, which is brazed firmly to the end pieces designed either as collars, flanges or hubs. The coupling serves primarily to take up inaccuracies of alignment between two rotating shafts; it provides torsional flexibility in the coupling of such shafts and dampens vibration. Its effectiveness is largely independent of the direction of rotation, as in one direction the outer and inner counter-coiled spring layers work together to transmit the load, while in the other direction, the middle layer comes into operation.


Brand:- Bamatec


"U" Design
This is a durable one-piece flexible coupling for general purpose shaft-to-shaft applications. It is the basis for all Uniflex coupling types.

"RRU" Design
This design offers “quick disconnect” for drop out requirements. It can also accommodate a slightly larger shaft diameter than the standard U type.

"UFH" Design
A flange-to-shaft configuration, this couples flange mounted equipment to a shaft with all the benefits of Uniflex versatility. The stock flange plate is the same as used on the UF type.

"UF" Design
This flange-to-flange type is designed to connect flange mounted equipment to another flange while compensating for misalignment. It is also the centre drop out section for the RRU type.

All Uniflex couplings use steel hubs/flanges and steel springs


Brand:- Lovejoy